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Little Girls - Concepts
Those already disenchanted with the shitgaze genre should probably stop reading now. Little Girls is the solo project of Toronto musician Josh Mcintyre (member of the garage punk duo Pirate/Rock), who recorded the debut album Concepts on his laptop, much of it using the computer’s built-in microphone. The result is muddy, distorted as hell and drenched in reverb. It’s not the kind of project that will appeal to sound engineers and audiophiles, but his gritty no-fi surf rock sets an effectively ominous mood that makes the album addictive listening.

Little Girls’ music isn’t instrumental, but it may as well be. Most of the songs on Concepts contain lyrics, but the vocals are buried low in the mix, and are managled with fuzz and cavernous reverb. On some songs, they’re tough to even distinguish from the guitars, acting like any other instrument in the densely layered tracks. The percussion is almost entirely electronic, with simplistic beats that sound like they were recorded off vintage keyboards.

Numerous tracks recall the murky reverbitude of Psychocandy-eya Jesus and Mary Chain, especially “Thills,” which apes the rhythm from “Just Like Honey.” For the most part, however, the closest sound-alike is Wavves. And while Little Girls don’t have any pop songs quite as memorable as “So Bored,” you can enjoy Concepts without having to reconcile yourself with the public persona of Wavves frontman Nathan Williams.

mp3: “Thrills”

Concepts is out now via Paper Bag.
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