That’s my man, that’s my brother

Aidan Knight
Earlier this year, I wrote about Aidan Knight‘s Pre-Release EP, a teaser previewing tracks from his then-untitled debut full-length. Although it only contained two songs, it gave good reason to get excited about the LP; the timeless acoustic strummer “Jasper” was especially compelling, its delicate folk arrangement as uplifting as its baptismal lyrics.

Pre-Release EP has since been taken down, but details about the album have finally emerged. It’s called Versicolour, and is due out early next year via the imprint Adventure Boys Club. “Jasper” is the first single, and as well as receiving a sparkling new mix, the song now has an accompanying video. It’s mostly stop motion animation, showing a ball of string swirling around a bowl of cereal. It ends with a party scene, young and old coming together over drinks and homemade pizza. It’s a heart-warming clip, befitting the song’s communal vibe.

For more, head over to Aidan Knight’s website, where, in exchange for your e-mail address, you can download “Jasper” plus one other unreleased track from Versicolour (the horn-laden “Fighting Against Your Lungs”). Alternatively, you can download “Jasper” below.

mp3: “Jasper”
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  1. none
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    “”that’s my man, that’s my brother” = my favourite lyric!

  2. mana
    Posted November 29, 2009 at 10:26 pm | Permalink


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