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Mother Mother
There are few songs in recent memory as thoroughly twisted as “Hayloft,” the stand out track from Mother Mother‘s sophomore album, O My Heart. Mixing heavy metal riffs with a female-sung hip-hop chorus, it makes rap rock sound dangerous in a way that it hasn’t since Rage Against the Machine disbanded in 2000. Not only is it the strangest song Mother Mother has ever written, it’s also the catchiest—the hooks come in quick succession, and the moments when the rhythm section suddenly kicks into double time are electrifying.

O My Heart came out a year ago, but it took until now for “Hayloft” to be released as a single. Mother Mother unveiled the new video yesterday, an effects-heavy clip that resembles the credit sequence of a spy film, with flying bullets and lots of fancy green screen effects. There’s not much of a concept other than “lots of bright colours,” but the brilliance of the song more than makes up for the video’s apparent lack of significance.

As of this writing, the video is exclusive to MuchMusic, which means no embed is available. Click here to check it out.

O My Heart is out now via Last Gang.
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