Starfucker seeks a new name

Band names are hard. As anyone who’s tried to come up with one knows, it’s damn near impossible to find one that’s memorable, meaningful, and hasn’t already been taken by some other band in the past 50 years. Portland’s Starfucker is evidently stumped, as the band is currently seeking fan suggestions for a new name. According to a post on the group’s MySpace, the name was only ever intended to be temporary, and “we never thought we’d make it this far with Starfucker.”

While fans wait for band to come up with a new name—or, rather, while the band waits around for the fans to come up with a new name—let’s pause to remember Starfucker’s finest recorded moment. “Rawnald Gregory Erickson the Second” is the lead single off the group’s self-titled album, released last year via Badman. The song is a perfect distillation of the group’s sugary synth pop style, featuring an unfathomably catchy guitar groove and warm, layered vocals. Based around a simple drum loop, it’s simultaneously danceable and laid back, recalling Air at its most upbeat.

The accompanying video is a psychedelic animation that takes the viewer to outer space, beneath the ocean, through the countryside and inside of someone’s mouth. Think of it as the cosmic, electropop version of Yellow Submarine.

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