The Lovely Feathers pack a punch

The Lovely Feathers - Fantasy of the Lot
I didn’t know it was possible for any band name to out-twee the Pains of Being Pure at Heart. But then I came across the Lovely Feathers, a pop rock four-piece from Montreal. In the canon of cute-and-fluffy band names, this one’s going to be tough to beat.

Thankfully, the group’s third album, Fantasy of the Lot, is harder-hitting than the band name would signify. Opener track “Lowiza” bursts out of the gate with a new wave stomp, its brash group vocals punctuated with organ drones and overdriven guitar leads. The next track, “Long Walks,” begins with jittery keyboards riffs and stop-start rhythms; when the vocals enter, they alternate between breathy whispers and strained shouts, evoking the twisted creep-outs of the Unicorns.

mp3: “Lowiza”

Not all of Fantasy of the Lot is as punchy as the first two songs. “Fad” is a wispy acoustic strummer with descending guitar leads that are accompanied by quirky falsetto humming. The title track is similarly hushed, and it’s so reverent that it could almost pass for Elliott Smith. These tracks aren’t thrilling, but they’re still an effective counterpoint to the more upbeat material. It’s a mix that makes the album a nice balance between tongue-in-cheek rock and heartfelt balladry—something that might not be conveyed by the flowers on the cover or the name on the spine.

Fantasy of the Lot is out now via Sparks.
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