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Girls - Lust for Life
Remember when Black Mountain released that song “No Satisfaction” a few years ago? You went in expecting to hear a crappy, overplayed cover, and then discovered that it was actually an original—and a pretty good one at that.

Girls just released a new video for their tune “Lust for Life” and, as you’ve probably guessed from my preamble, it’s not an Iggy Pop cover. Its melody is sweet enough to be a (pre-Pet Sounds) Beach Boys song, although the lo-fi jangle, out-of-key melodica and slurred vocals make it sound closer to ’80s college rock. But it’s the lyrics that are the main draw here, making a heartbroken plea for life’s simple pleasures, including “a pizza and a bottle of wine.” An all-male band called Girls singing about wanting a boyfriend? How modern.

As for the video, it’s the typical shaky Super 8 clip you’d expect from a DIY retro rock band. Pretty stuff. It comes courtesy of Pitchfork.

This is actually the second video the band has released for the same song. Last year, they released the simple but weirdly compelling clip below.

“Lust for Life” appears on Album, due out September 22 via True Panther Sounds.
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  1. Mike
    Posted August 11, 2009 at 9:07 am | Permalink

    Oh Super 8, I heart you.

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