Times New Viking ups the fidelity (but not really)

Times New Viking released its third album, Rip It Off, just 18 months ago, but it already sounds ahead of its time. Since then, ultra lo-fi fuzz rock has suddenly become popular, and bands like Wavves, Vivian Girls and No Age have achieved buzz-band status in the wake of Times New Viking’s success.

Times New Viking is set to release its fourth album, Born Again Revisited, on September 22, and according to a press release from Matador, it will feature “25% higher fidelity” than previous recordings. Of course, sound quality is a relative term for Times New Viking—after all, the group delivered the new album’s master recordings on VHS tape. The lead single, “No Time No Hope,” scales back the distortion of 2008′s Rip It Off, but it’s still messier than just about anything else you’ll hear this year.

This isn’t to say the song doesn’t show some stylistic progress for the Columbus trio. Unlike the band’s usual bite-sized approach to songwriting, “No Time No Hope” clocks in at 2:51, making it longer than all but one of the 16 tracks on Rip It Off. It’s a chugging, organ-heavy groove without much of a discernible structure, spending its runtime alternating between shouted verses and catchy instrumental breaks. Based on this preview, Born Again Revisited promises to be one of the fall’s must-hear albums.

Listen to the song over at Matablog.
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