The Dodos open the floodgates

The Dodos‘ new album, Time to Die, isn’t due out until September 15, but it’s gone the way of Veckatimest and leaked two full months early. In order to combat the leak, the group is now offering high quality stream of the full album at

To make the deal even sweeter, there’s also a free download of the album’s first single, “Fables.” The song is a major stylistic departure from the primitive folk-metal of last year’s Visiter, featuring jaunty strumming and a chorus that’s so hummable it could almost be a nursery rhyme. Drummer Logan Kroeber scales back the dense tribal drumming of his previous work in favour of a more straightforward rock beat—it’s still heavy as hell, but this time you’ll want to clap along with the snare hits. But perhaps the biggest departure is the clean, densely layered production of Phil Ek (Fleet Foxes, the Shins). The recording practically shines, with layers of vocal harmonies, electric guitars and what sounds like a marimba all competing for space. It doesn’t have the same visceral power as much of the material on Visiter, but it’s an infectious summer single nonetheless.

mp3: “Fables”

Time to Die is still due in stores on September 15, but its digital release has been moved way up to July 28. During the first week it will be an Amazon exclusive, and will be available from other digital retailers after that.
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