Here come the “blow your mind” jokes

Although Grizzly Bear’s third album, Veckatimest, isn’t officially out until this Tuesday, a low quality rip leaked in early March, meaning that many fans have already had it in rotation for the better part of three months. Rather than taking the wind out of Grizzly Bear’s album release, however, the leak seems to have fuelled the hype, as the rave reviews are starting to pour in.

The Brooklyn quartet has released a video for the lead single “Two Weeks,” a fantastic chamber folk tune based around plinking piano chords and a soaring, Brian Wilson-evoking melody. Grizzly Bear uses harmonized vocal runs where other baroque pop bands would have used lavish strings, meaning that the song retains its humanity, despite the orchestral grandeur of the arrangement.

The group has shot a video for “Two Weeks” just in time for the Veckatimest release date. It begins with the four members sitting in a church, lip syncing and smiling creepily with blank expressions. Nothing happens for nearly half of the song’s four-minute runtime, until their faces gradually begin to glow. As the song reaches its crescendo, their heads explode in fireworks, with white sparks shooting out of the backs of their heads. It’s a strangely compelling clip, which is bound to illicit lots of bad jokes about “blowing your mind.”

Veckatimest is due out May 26 via Warp.
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