Garfunkel & Oates (enough said)

If the band name Garfunkel & Oates doesn’t make you at least a little bit curious, then there’s something wrong with you. If you’ve never heard of them until now, you’re probably asking a few questions: A) Is it a real band? B) Is it the actual Art Garkunkel and John Oates? C) Are they a gimmick/novelty band?

To answer the above: A) Yes. B) No. C) Sort of. The duo is based out of LA, and is made up of guitarist Riki Lindhome (“Garfunkel”) and ukuleleist Kate Micucci (“Oates”), both of whom have worked extensively in TV and film—Garfunkel was in Million Dollar Baby, and Oates appeared on Scrubs. Together, they play minimalist folk songs that are as charming as they are ridiculous.

The most immediately memorable tune is “Worst Song Medley,” which is exactly what it sounds like—a two-minute medley of twelve terrible songs. It’s funny, despite feeling a little bit like shooting fish in a barrel (do we really need to make fun of “Barbie Girl”?). The duo is better when they play it more serious—but, of course, serious is a relative term with these ladies. “Only You” is sweet and poignant, with the pair trading off lines as they sing about the disappointments that come with growing old (“I used to think that I’d have sex / At some point in my adult life”).

mp3: “Only You”

It’s more along the lines of a quirky little curio than anything that’s likely to make your year-end best-of list. But Oates looks kind of like a younger, hotter Rachel Dratch, so that’s more than enough reason to check them out.
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