Another great Black Mountain spin-off

It doesn’t look like we’re going to get a new Black Mountain album this year, but that’s okay, since the spin-off projects are coming in quick succession. A few weeks ago, it was Outside Love, the amazing new album by Stephen McBean’s Pink Mountaintops project. Next up is Lightning Dust, Amber Webber’s psych-folk duo with Black Mountain compatriot Joshua Wells.

The group’s upcoming sophomore album is called Infinite Light, and its first single, “I Knew,” has been released as a free download. Beginning with the rat-a-tat of an electronic bass drum, this sparse beat is soon joined by backwoods acoustic strumming and Amber Webber’s ever-tremulous vocals. Her singing is dark and dramatic as always, this time delivered with an affected twang in keeping with the folksy guitar. Buzzy synth arpeggios enter in the second verse as Webber describes an anachronistic romance with a bad boy hero seemingly drawn straight out of Western flick. It’s a charming tune, part southern gothic, part electro minimalism.

mp3: “I Knew”

Infinite Light is due out August 4 via Jagjaguwar.
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