You gotta move your idiot body around

On June 23, Sunset Rubdown will release its fourth full-length album, Dragonslayer (no word if that refers to slaying a dragon or laying multiple dragons). The first single is called “Idiot Heart,” and Jagjaguwar is offering it as a free download. Rather than the weirdo piano dirges than make up much of Krug’s output, the new song is straight-up guitar rock, recalling the more earthy delights of Krug’s sometimes songwriting partner Dan Boeckner. There is some gentle tinkling from what sounds like a toy piano, but for the most part, the song favours immediacy over atmosphere, with steadily chugging guitars and a thundering rhythm section.

Of course, Krug’s lyrics are as oblique as ever, with cryptic allusions to “The Icarus in your blood.” Even so, “Idiot Heart” is as close as Krug will ever get to writing a song that can be described as “fun.” It doesn’t quite match up to the haunting otherworldliness of his best work, but it’s still well worth the listen.

mp3: “Idiot Heart”
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