Hollerado’s new album still free, still kicks ass

The guys in Hollerado certainly have a flair for the dramatic: earlier this year, they released their (totally awesome) debut album, Record in a Bag, as a free download from their website. Then in February, they played a show every day of the month, rotating between the same seven venues (meaning the circuit was repeated four times). But their latest stunt is the craziest yet: at the end of this month, the band is playing a series of shows in China, starting in Beijing and ending in Shenzhen. It’s a crazy move for a group that is still unsigned, and hasn’t even done a cross-country tour since releasing its album. Still, I guess Hollerado is hoping to break into the great untapped Chinese indie rock market (that’s one 1.3 billion potential fans).

The band doesn’t have anything new in terms of recorded material, but I recently discovered the video for “Americanarama,” one of the catchiest tunes on Record in a Bag (and that’s saying something). The clip was actually shot long before the release of the album, and parodies the homogenized hypersexuality of American Apparel. The band is set up amid piles of boxes in a clothing factory, while revealingly dressed hipsters dance on top of tables. Dave Foley (of Kids in the Hall fame) stars, delivering a hysterical performance as the sleazy, sex-obsessed boss. The video ends with the guys stripping down to their Y-fronts for a photo session of their own.

Download: Record in a Bag
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