All I need is this right now

It’s hard to describe Hannah Georgas‘s music without selling her short. Take a song like “The National,” the swooning centrepiece of her debut EP, The Beat Stuff. Over a plucked banjo and soothing, wordless harmonies, Georgas describes listening to the National (the band, not the CBC show with Peter Mansbridge as I first imagined) and hoping to reunite with an ex-lover. The song works within a familiar folk pop template without anything gimmicky or even particularly original about it—it’s just a flat-out brilliant song.

It speaks volumes about the strength of Hannah’s songwriting that “The National” doesn’t simply overshadow everything else on the EP. “All I Need” begins with gentle ukulele arpeggios, gradually swelling to a propulsive climax that is the closest the EP gets to breaking the traditional singer-songwriter mold. Hannah even lets loose with a few screams on the song’s repeated coda, “All I need is this right…NOW!” On “Mama’s Boy,” Georgas takes a cue from Alanis Morissette and plays the “woman scorned” card—unlike Alanis, she manages to do it with her dignity intact; its sneering chorus of “I guess it’s easy to get over an asshole” is the best romantic exorcism you could ever ask for.

She also shot a video for the EP’s title track, showing her singing the tune while walking around the seawall in Vancouver’s Stanley Park. Spencer Schoening of Said the Whale makes a cameo playing percussion (is that a bucket?) and being generally awesome.

The Beat Stuff is out now via Upper Management. She will be heading into the studio soon to work on her debut LP with producers Howard Redekopp (the New Pornographers, Tegan and Sara) and Ryan Guldemond (Mother Mother).
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    [...] of her enormous potential. This isn’t to devalue what’s she’s already done, as The Beat Stuff is an excellent debut, containing two bona fide show stoppers (”The National” and [...]

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