A back-to-school gift (six months belated)

Prairie Cat writes cutesy, twee pop songs, but his deadpan delivery prevents them from ever sounding silly or disposable. Even when singing quirky tunes like “Grumpy Forever” and “Trust Don’t Rust,” Prairie Cat (whose real name is Cary Pratt – get it?) always comes off like the straight man. I was a big fan of his debut EP, 2007’s Attacks!, but I hadn’t heard much of him since then, given his limited touring schedule.

I’m not sure how I missed it, but Prairie Cat released a free back-to-school EP last fall, bundling two new songs from his forthcoming album. The mini-collection is called Summer’s Done, and it includes the bouncy piano pop ditty “Just Cuz” and the shimmering, synth-driven “It Began/Ended with Sparks.” Both songs concern a break-up, but neither one sounds too bummed out about it; “It Began/Ended with Sparks” in particular features a campy but surprisingly sweet dialogue between a boy and girl as they bring their relationship to an amicable conclusion (“I never wanted to leave you”).

mp3: Summer’s Done

There’s also a slightly creepy video for “Just Cuz,” featuring a many-limbed Cary Pratt playing piano, drums, and trumpet at the same time, while still having a hand free to feed himself what looks like a Twinkie.

There are no concrete details about the upcoming album other than that it will be released this fall via Fuzzy Logic Recordings, and a Canadian tour will follow.
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